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Michael Sieberichs-Nau                                                 Musiklektorat Sieberichs-Nau

Music Editing (Copyediting)/Proofreading          

Would you like to present or to publish an error-free musical score? Are you working on an extensive project, such as a guitar tutor, or a musicological treatise? Perhaps you have even proof-read several times and still find errors, or, you just want to check the content from an unbiased reader on logical structure, consistency and style.

A logical next step would be to employ the services of a professional proof reader or copy editor! As a proof/copy editor I would read your manuscript systematically and uncover commonplace mistakes usually missed by the author.

On a more intellectual level, I could assist you with defining the “concrete” aspects of a project from initial idea to the finished publication.

My service is offered to publishers, authors or institutions of all kind.
Below you will find information on:
  “Qualifications/Professional Experience”
  “Services offered”
  “Project Coordination and Management”

Qualifications/Professional Experience

  • Diploma for music school teachers and Graduate Diploma of Artistic Maturity at the Music University of Cologne/Aix la Chapelle (Aachen): major-instrument Guitar, second discipline: studies in Viola da Gamba
  • Editing, translating, writing and self-publishing activities: issues of original texts and of editions for teaching purposes by Ricordi (Munich), Chanterelle (Heidelberg), DGA (Sachse, USA) and EVSN (self-publishing)
  • Biographical research on Wilhelm Neuland (1806-1889) and Dubez (1828-1891), biography and list of works
  • Lectures on musical education and scholarly editing
  • Head for guitar, harp and zither in the Association of Musicschools in the State of Vorarlberg. In this context: co-conception of the curriculum for the guitar and plucked instruments, including a compilation of lists of recommended editions for teaching purposes, see: Conference of Associations of Austrian Musicschools and Association of Musicschools in Vorarlberg
  • Artistic activities as a guitarist and chamber musician
  • Extensive musicological research and knowledge of performance practice of music for guitar of the 19th century this from source material (methods, reviews, etc.)

For further detailed information about me, see here. (Text in German language.)

  • Proofreading and editing for publication: pedagogical texts, methods, urtexts, scholarly editions, etc.
  • Editorial supervision of publishing projects
  • Proofreading and editing of scholar and pedagogical editions and texts
  • Search and verification of sources, assistance in researching literature and sources
  • Advice in didactical and methodical problems particularly for tutors, schools and further teaching-related issues.
  • Verifying of the orthographical correctness of musical scores, incl. notational and typographical aspects
  • Final rework of “manuscripts” for the purpose of publication
  • Sibelius music notation with 6.1 including EPS export
  • Professional typesetting using LaTeX2e

Project Coordination and Management and General Details
  • Definition of the project and specific type of assistance required: the concrete tast (from mere correction to the co-editor), amount of work, date, data delivery, returning the editorial work
  • As far as practical: transmission of documents by e-mail
  • Common formats for musical scores are: pdf, image formats as .jpg, Sibelius 6.1, Finale (saved as enigma), Score; for texts: text-only formats such als ASCII (Apple or Windows) or common files from wordprocessing applications (doc, rtf, odt), otherwise also the paperform appropriate
  • You will receive on request: handwritten entries directly in the submitted file or/and an extra list of suggestions and corrections
  • Discussion and postprocessing with authors, depending on the requirements of the task by telephone, e-mail ...
  • The costs will depend on the effort of each task and must therefore be determined individually. The scope and demands of the task are essential criteria. Please send me some representative pages (copies), I will send you an offer. An invoice is made after complete execution of the task

Basic Introduction to LaTeX2e (German text only)


Frequent errors in scores and written texts (German text only)


Urtext Editions of Guitar Music (Lecture at Guitar Research Meeting at Lake Constance, 2007, March (English text only)


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